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Post Covid 19

Karun Narayan

Covid-19 is still impacting New Zealand’s housing market but there are some positive signs in REINZ’s late...

How to become a more savvy seller

Karun Narayan

When it comes time to sell, we all want to get the best possible price for our property. For many...

Hate your home? Check out 5 inexpensive ways to cure that.

Karun Narayan

Who knew that it would take a pandemic and being forced to remain in your home all of the time...

Boredom Busters

Karun Narayan

Tired of watching Netflix already? Well, how about some culture from famous museums around the world? © Provi...

Are you ready to stop renting and become a homeow​ner?

Karun Narayan

It’s a fact that homeowners are wealthier than those who rent homes. In fact, the average net worth of New.....

7 tips when selling your parents’ home

Karun Narayan

One of the hardest things in life for us to come to grips with is that our parents have advanced...

Selling Mum and Dad’s Home

Karun Narayan

One of life’s most challenging aspects is watching our parents age. Then comes the day when you, and they, r...


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